Can I do a PAT testing course online?

Can I do a PAT testing course online? The answer is, yes, you can. There are some Reputable Online PAT Testing course providers that exist in the UK. You just need to reach out to them. Just so you know, you should be aware of this before you enroll in any online courses. please do […]

How Much Does a PAT Testing Course Cost

The cost of the PAT testing course is quite reasonable. There are so many course providers in the UK who offer PAT courses at competitive rates. Price can vary based on several factors, including the type of course (in-house, local, or online), the course provider, and the geographical location. Typically it can start from £150 […]

What is PAT Testing? A Complete Guide for Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety or Workplace safety is an important issue for everyone nowadays. You don’t want to lose any of your productive employees to any uncertain accidents right? That’s why it is important to you to know what is PAT testing. Hello, I’m Ian Cox, a professional PAT trainer and also founder of TTS Training Services […]

How to Become a PAT Tester: A Complete Guide

Portable Appliance Testing is a requirement for businesses across the UK to ensure the safety of electrical equipment. PAT testers play a critical role in inspecting and testing portable appliances to identify any risks of electric shocks or fires. If you’re interested in becoming a certified PAT tester, this comprehensive guide will walk you through […]

The Importance of PAT Testing in Offices

Portable appliance testing, commonly known as PAT testing, is vital to electrical safety in any office environment. However, many businesses fail to realize the importance of regular PAT testing until issues arise. Lack of adequate testing on electrical equipment can lead to potentially dangerous consequences that disrupt operations and endanger employees. When appliances are not […]

Why is PAT Testing So Important in Schools to ensure Safety

Regular PAT testing for schools assures that the learning environment is as safe as possible. It’s a small investment that prevents much larger problems down the road. Schools that fail to make this commitment put their students, staff, and institutions at greater risk. In this blog, we will learn how small PAT testing in schools […]

Understanding the differences between Electrical Safety Testing and PAT Testing

Electrical Safety Testing and PAT Testing both are important to ensure your safety. But there is a little bit of difference between them. Throughout this blog, we will explore some of the key differences between these two important things. So without further delay let’s dive into the topic– When it comes to electrical safety in […]

10 Benefits of PAT Testing

Though the benefits of pat testing are huge. Here we explore 10 of them which will help you to understand the importance of it. So without further delay Let’s dive in – Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is an essential procedure for ensuring the safety and functionality of electrical equipment, especially in the workplace. Understanding the […]

Why In Person Training is Key for PAT Testing Courses

In-person training has always been an essential part of training for safety-related courses. This is especially true for technical courses such as Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) courses. While online courses have become increasingly popular, in-person training is still the preferred method for most people. We offer two types of in-person training, either face-to-face at your […]

Our PAT Testing Course Agenda | PAT Training Now

In-Service Inspection & Testing of ElectricalEquipment. (PAT Course) 09.30am Arrival, Welcome and Intriductions Theory and Presentations Reasons we need to test portable appliances. Basic Electrical Principles. Classes of Electrical Equipment (I,II. II FE & III)oad. How to conduct a Visual Inspection. Plug, Cable & Casing. Electrical Tests that are required (Mandatory and Optional.) Earth (RPE), […]

Why we need to know basic knowledge of PAT |PAT training Now

A little basic knowledge of PAT can save your life Recently Two companies have been fined after a worker received serious electrical burns during demolition work. Chelmsford Magistrates Court heard how on the 12th of April 2017, two demolition workers employed by sub-contractor R B Haigh & Sons were removing electrical distribution equipment from a […]

Company fined £1 million after two employees suffer burns

A car and commercial vehicle component manufacturer has been fined after two employees suffered burns whilst cleaning a distillation tank. Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court heard how on 11 July 2017 two employees of Delphi Diesel Systems Limited were burnt when the vapour of a flammable chemical, which was being used to clean the distillation tank part […]

Company sentenced following electric shock and burn incident

An electrical contractor has been sentenced after a worker suffered an electric shock and sustained life-changing burn injuries.Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard how, on 30 July 2016, an electrician in the substation at a construction site at Shoe Lane in London was carrying out work for Wingate Electrical involving the disconnection and relocation of a site […]

Company fined after worker suffers electric shock

A North East company, Green North East Trading Bidco Limited, was sentenced today after a sub-contractor suffered an electric shock when he cut through a live cable.South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court heard how, on 20 March 2016, the injured person was removing an item of industrial equipment at the site in Davy Bank, Wallsend. Believing the […]

Leicestershire company fined for health and safety failings after worker seriously injured

Sign-fitting contractor, AR Signs Limited, has today been sentenced for safety breaches after a worker suffered multiple, serious burn injuries. Sheffield Magistrates’ Court heard how, on 14th September 2017, the 22-year-old employee of AR Signs Limited was using a breaker tool to dig a hole for the posts of a new sign at the Hellaby […]

Interserve Facilities Management fined for safety failings

A facilities management contractor has been fined after multiple safety failings at a laboratory site for the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency in Weybridge.Hove Crown Court heard how, on Sunday 21 September 2014, mains power was lost at the site which includes high containment laboratory facilities required to safely handle high hazard pathogens that […]

Company fined after workers suffer serious burns

A Nottinghamshire foundry has been sentenced after two employees suffered serious burns from an electrical flashover.Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court heard how, on 2 September 2016, at BAS Castings Ltd two employees were working to reinstate the power supply to one of the furnaces after repair work had been completed by contractors. After replacing the fuses, […]

North West farmer sentenced after man electrocuted

A North-West farmer has been sentenced to a conditional discharge after a man was electrocuted when the arm of his lorry mounted crane contacted overhead power lines.Manchester Crown Court heard how, on 8 April 2016, Matthew Drummond, 29, a self-employed tipper wagon driver, had been in the process of unloading sand at Heaton Farm near […]

Company fined after death of worker

Western Power Distribution (South West) PLC, a Bristol based company has been fined after the death of one of its employees at a remote site in Cornwall.Truro Crown Court heard that on 16 January 2013 the Company arranged for a group of 15 employees to replace overhead electricity cables at the site in Cawsand, Cornwall. […]

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