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We started in 2008 and our proposition of on-site portable appliance testing training grew very quickly. Still today our most popular option is conducting training courses at our clients site.

We exist to give you and your business a cost effective way of complying with your PAT testing obligations. We are specialists within the portable appliance testing (PAT) industry. We provide PAT training courses, PAT tester sales and just about anythng to do with portable appliance testing, if you need it, we probably have it. We continue to grow year after year. We have a very clear business mission statement and have built the business on these very simple principles:

  • Always provide first class customer service
  • Always offer value for money
  • Always add value at every opportunity
  • Always provide ongoing support for as long as needed

We have helped lots of businesses from schools, offices, construction sites, charities and the MOD to name but a few.

All our customers have learned how to save money and have a better PAT testing procedural system in place by conducting in-house PAT testing.

As we continue to grow in our specialist field of PAT training and tester sales, we always remember the most important part of the business YOU.

Please contact us for your training and tester needs.

Ian Cox Р Training Manager


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