I often get asked who can PAT test? Do you have to be an electrician? What previous experience / knowledge do i need?

The answer is always the same, just about anyone in theory can do PAT testing.

Here is what the HSE days:

“The person doing testing work needs to be competent to do it. In many low-risk environments, a sensible (competent) member of staff can undertake visual inspections if they have enough knowledge and training. However, when undertaking combined inspection and testing, a greater level of knowledge and experience is needed, and the person will need:

  • the right equipment to do the tests
  • the ability to use this test equipment properly
  • the ability to properly understand the test results

This is obviously where we come in, our 1 day PAT testing course will teach you all the basics you need to be able to PASS the test and we will also provide you with enough practical experience required to ensure we are happy you are confident and competent in the PAT testing procedures.

Most of the time in PAT testing the faults can be found in the visual inspection stage, finding a fault with a PAT tester is actually relatively rare.

A lot of modern PAT testers now only have three buttons and will actually tell you if the appliance has passed the relevant tests.

So we can teach just about anyone to PAT test, if you want to do it, we can probably teach you.

Our PAT course is an in-house competency course, this means we certificate you as being competent and having had sufficient training.

The other option that is out there is the City and Guilds 2377 (CG2377). This course is actually aimed at practising electricians, the City and Guilds website states:

“This level (2377) will suit you if you are a practising electrician either involved in, or looking to become involved in, the inspection and testing of electrical equipment (eg portable appliances), and/or involved in managing the process of it.”

The course and exam is actually not for the faint hearted, by being a practising electrician you are expected and required to have a lot of previous knowledge.

The CG2377 is usually a 2 day course, ours is 1 day. Why is ours 1 day? well on the CG2377 you usually have a day of training and day 2 is a study morning on the code of practice and in the afternoon you take the exam. So actually you still just get 1 day of actual training.

We have trained many candidates who have PASSED the CG2377, why did they then come on our course?

The CG2377 is very good at teaching theoretical PAT testing but many candidates that have passed leave the course still not really knowing how to use a PAT tester or PAT test items in the ‘real world’.

Our course on the other hand is aimed very much at ‘real world PAT testing’.

Sorry for going on so long today but I feel it is important you understand what your options are.

If you are a practicing electrician and you already know how to PAT test and you just want to increase your C&G certificates then the 2 day CG2377 maybe is the option you want.

If you are not an electrician or if you are an electrician and you want to know actually how to PAT test, then our 1 day competency course is the one for you.

If you have any questions, please contact me.