Seaward-APP-204x300If you have a manual PAT tester, you still need to keep records, so what is the best way:

  1. Keep paper-based forms in a folder
  2. Use our own TTS PAT Manager Software V3
  3. A new option is to use the Seaward PAT App (mobile).

Option 3 on the list is what I want to mention today, Seaward has launched a FREE app, it is aimed at the Seaward PT100 and PT50 range of testers and it is available from Google Play (Android) and IOS (Apple) app stores.

I personally think Seaward have done a great job with this app and best of all it is FREE!

It is extremely user-friendly, good user interface and although for the PT50 and PT100, I am sure it could be used for any manual PAT tester.

You can even use a barcode scanner and take pictures of the appliance you are testing.

record example

The only thing I am not too keen on is the records results are via XML, an example of this report is to the left.

It drags over too much data in my opinion, and your file would be massive! So we have our own XML import tool, you can have this for FREE from us and it will get the data from the XML file and turn it into something more appealing (we believe).

You can download it here: Seaward App to Excel import tool. (with pic)

All you need to do is:

  1. Download Seaward App
  2. Input User Name
  3. Enter Serial Number of Machine 11A-1111 (This is under the batteries).
  4. Get some results
  5. Email XML file to yourself
  6. Open XML importer from us
  7. Enable all
  8. Clear records
  9. Import file
  10. Print or save as a PDF

Your results will then look like this, it will colour code whether it has passed of failed, you will get many more items on one page and it is FREE, the choice they say it yours! TTS-Sample-file2

This is i am sure just the start of much more interesting things we can do with our phones, Ipads and so on.

Well done Seaward!