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The Seaward Apollo 500 Elite Printer Kit PAT Tester boasts several updates from the previous Apollo 500. Firstly, the tester is capable of producing QR-coded PAT labels via a Seaward Test n Tag Elite 2 Printer and also reading them via a Seaward scanner. The QR-coded labels can be read via the end user’s smartphone so the customer has ready access to test data. Improved firmware brings a better interface and a database search function whilst an external battery pack allows the user to swap batteries in the field, thus minimising downtime.

The Apollo 500 the latest intuitive PAT Tester from Seaward Electronic. A lightweight ergonomically designed instrument suitable for individuals and contractors wishing to PAT test in complete compliance with the IET Code of Practice. The tester is primarily battery powered but is also capable of performing mains powered tests and boasts enhanced firmware, QR-code compatibility, and an external battery pack.

The Apollo 500 has one of the largest internal memories on the market capable of storing up to 10000 PAT records. These saved results can easily be edited using the Apollo’s full QWERTY keypad and simple menu navigation. The tester benefits from an impressive full colour display and five accurately placed function buttons for more efficient testing. The Apollo modernises data transfer by offering the user options to download/upload via the USB cable supplied or via inbuilt Bluetooth.

The Seaward Apollo 500 boasts an improved power supply in the form of an external rechargeable battery that can be easily changed whenever required. This means that there is no costly downtime for those with heavy PAT testing workloads as there is no need to wait for a battery to charge before recommencing testing.

A comprehensive firmware update improves the user interface of the Seaward Apollo 500 via enhanced navigation and a new search function. It is now also possible to customise the access levels of different user accounts. One of the most important features of the Seaward Apollo 500 is the QR code scanning and printing capability. QR codes can convey more information (asset ID, site, location, most recent test and next scheduled test date) than regular barcodes and it also allows end users to check information by scanning the label with the QR Data Viewer App on an iOS or Android smartphone.

Despite its small size the Apollo 500 has a huge range of professional test procedures including 3 phase testing, earth continuity testing, point to point testing on fixed appliances the tester is also ideal for testing IT equipment along with built-in RCD tests. More common tests such as insulation resistance, IEC lead tests, protective conductor current/load, load power/current, alternative leakage current and power socket testing are also included.

Along with developing of one of the most powerful and user-friendly PAT instruments Seaward have also been instrumental in considering and implementing a facility to tackle the latest risk regulations. The Apollo 500 comes complete with a built-in Risk Assessment Tool its main facility being the retest period calculator which will consider a given environment and the type of equipment to generate a retest date.

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