Kewtech KT71 (Includes Calibration, Labels and Clover Adaptor)

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  • 500 PASS Labels
    Cloverleaf Adaptor
    Calibration Certificate
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Easy to use, complete manual PAT tester. Fully compliant with the latest code of practice. Performs earth bond at 200mA for IT appliances and high current 20A for all other appliances.

Highly popular amongst all levels of PAT testing users, the KT71 is a mains powered portable appliance testing instrument that is easy to use and ideal for use on different appliance types.

Whether you’re an in-house maintenance professional carrying out yearly PAT testing, an electrical contractor or a person recently qualified after a PAT training course, the KT71 is an ideal entry-level product for use in offices, industry, retail and many other applications. Test results are easy to understand thanks to a built-in LCD screen which shows a full testing value and LED indicators on the front of the tester give indication whether the appliance has passed or failed a test.

The KT71 is suitable for use on Class I and Class II appliances, test leads and includes a specific earth bond testing procedure for use on IT equipment. It can also perform another earth bond test at 20A, 250V/500V insulation testing, extension lead testing with polarity and can test 110V appliances for earth bond and insulation via the use of an applicable adapter (sold separately).

When switching to live testing (in leakage current mode) audible warnings are given that the appliance is about to come live. A double button press is also required to safeguard against inadvertent switching on of an appliance.