What is a PAT tester calibration?

All PAT testers need to be calibrated annually, so you can be sure that it is giving accurate results.

Calibration of a PAT tester is a complex process, so we recommend you send your tester back to us once every year, or more frequently if you are testing constantly.

Our calibration certificates are fully traceable to national standards (traceable to the National Physics Laboratory) and meet all the relevant standards.

Our PAT Tester is new / only a few months old – when does it need calibrating?

Most PAT testers are calibrated by the manufacturer, you should therefore not need to have your tester calibrated until it is a year old.

You should, of course, get your machine calibrated immediately should you doubt the results it is providing.


So what is the cost of calibration? Just £65+VAT (This includes collection and return via courier).

We fix PAT testers too!

If you have any problems with your PAT tester, we can fix it, call us and explain the problem, we should then be able to issue you a price.


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