PAT Tester Calibration

Your PAT tester has to be calibrated once a year.
We offer a 3-day postal calibration service.

Is it time to calibrate your tester?

Why Calibrate?

Well, the simple reason calibration is so important is because without it a PAT tester can drift from the manufacturer’s specifications.

This essentially means that the basis for passing and failing may change over time. This then leads to false test readings, which in itself can be a dangerous consequence.

We calibrate all makes and models.

We calibrate all makes and models of PAT tester and multifunction testers. We have a very fast turn around time of 3 days and the cost of collection and return carriage is included in the cost.


Booking your calibration
just got easier

1. Book it Online

Just click and book your PAT tester calibration below.

2. We Collect It

We send you a label to attach to your parcel and then arrange collection.

3. Calibrate It

We often calibrate and return the same day!

4. Send it Back

Usual timescale is 3 day turn around.

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