So  Martindale has got a new PAT testing guide, there are quite a few of these out and about and as a distributor for Martindale I thought I would write a quick review.

I have to say it is very good, they have brought this up to date to 4th edition and the illustrations and practical advice is excellent.

There are 96 pages in full colour of very useful and easily digestible information.

The guide is written by industry expert Seggy T Segaran and editied by Steve Dunning of Martindale, when looking for this guide go careful you don’t buy the out of date 3rd edition, there seems to be lots of these floating around for sale at the moment.

I believe outside of the main IET Cop 4th edition this is the best guide out there, it would be a useful addition to any PAT tester with lots of how to advice and how to overcome some known PAT testing dilemmas.