Manual PAT Testers

Our recommended Manual PAT testers, we believe these to be the best there are at the moment.

Seaward Primetest 100

The Seaward PrimeTest 100 is one of the most popular entry-level testers on the market. It is a functional and diverse manual PAT tester. Featuring three simple modes, it is an ideal choice for those looking for an easy to use, reliable electrical safety tester.
Simply pushing a button will give you the option of PAT Test mode: Class I and II, IEC Lead test mode or Power Socket mode.
Record keeping will is a breeze with the FREE seaward PAT Mobile app on both Apple and Android.


Kewtech KT71

Easy to use, complete manual PAT tester. Fully compliant with the latest code of practice. Performs earth bond at 200mA for IT appliances and high current 20A for all other appliances.


Martindale HPAT 600

The HPAT600 is a battery powered, hand-held PAT tester that is ideal for testing all types of portable appliances. It has a fast automatic test sequence or a simple to operate manual mode which is better suited to a less experienced user.
In automatic mode, the HPAT600 will routinely run through a selected test sequence without any further user interaction unless a failure is encountered.


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