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FOTRIC 226B Thermal Imaging System For Fever Screening

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  • Non-contact temperature screening, scanning up to 3,600 people per hour*
  • A.I. detects facial features only, with automated alarms outside of preset thresholds
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Fotric 226B Thermal Imaging System for Fever Screening with A.I.

The FOTRIC 226B Thermal Imaging Fever Screening system with A.I. is built for instantaneous fever screening with software automation and with minimal disruption to the flow of foot traffic. The FOTRIC 226B produces a highly accurate body temperature measurement with a 384 x 288 thermal resolution (110K pixels) and accuracy calibrated at ±0.2ºC.

The A.I. feature within the FOTRIC 226B system means that measurements are triggered only when human facial features are detected. This means that elements displaying temperatures above-set thresholds will not be detected, measured, or photographed (hot drinks for instance). When a person with elevated body temperature is detected the FOTRIC can be set to automatically capture a digital image so that the person can be identified quickly and easily. Images can be stored on the PC locally or not stored at all ensuring that companies' GDPR policies will not be compromised. There are also further privacy options available within the software.

The non-contact measurement type of the FOTIC 226B Fever Screening System ensures the safety of the operator by keeping them a safe distance from potential infection. Both audible and visual indication is given through a voice or audible alarm and an on-screen red-box appearing if abnormal body temperature is detected above the user-defined threshold (e.g. 37.8ºC).

Using inbuilt A.I., the FOTRIC 226B produces up to 110K temperature measuring points per photo, the device is so thorough these measuring points even cover a full head of hair. Compact and IP40 rated, this full-body scanner is cost-effective, safe easy to maintain with a quick setup process and minimal training required.

Perfect for many different environments
The FOTRIC 226B is designed with versatility at the forefront, taking only ten minutes to deploy including installation, commissioning, and powering up. The device supports 24-hour continuous monitoring whilst maintaining temperature stability of ±0.5˚C. Requiring an AC power source, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, the detection distance ranges from 0.8 to 3.2m. Connect the instrument to a laptop or PC running Windows 7 or Windows 10 through a standard USB connection (external monitor or laptop is not supplied with the 226B). A standard Tripod is also essential to complete the setup.

The FOTRIC 226B Fever Screening System is Ideal for:

  • Transportation Hubs
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Government Agencies
  • Companies and Factories

In a typical two-channel screening situation the 226B can scan up to two people every 3 seconds, averaging roughly 40 bodies a minute and 2,400 an hour. If the typical walking speed through the channels is increased slightly, the scanner is capable of measuring up to 3,600 people per hour. Whereas other screening systems must scan one individual at a time, the Fotric 226B's ability to detect multiple faces simultaneously without pause or image freezing greatly reduces both labor intensity and time spent passing through the screening channels.

WLIR Software featuring inbuilt algorithms
WLIR PC Software comes as standard with the FOTRIC 226B Thermal Imaging Fever Screening system. The WLIR Software tool includes an incorporated A.I. face detection module, automatically locking a subject's face for temperature measurement. The software intelligently disregards other inconsequential high-temperature sources such as a hot beverage in the scanning field. Similarly, it adjusts the body temperature alarm threshold, in real-time, by adapting to ambient temperature changes that could impact the skin temperature of bypassers. For instance the surface temperature of an individual is likely to be higher during the day than in the evening, which is accounted for to ensure accuracy at all times.

Due to these calibrated algorithms the FOTRIC 226B does not require a Blackbody reference source when operated. The camera self compensates to ensure ongoing temperature stability.

In addition to the FOTRIC 226B's aforementioned features, for increased epidemic prevention and control, the WLIR software will automatically count the number of screened personnel alongside the number of suspected abnormal body temperature alarms during the screening process. The WLIR also features a body temperature algorithm that continuously collects face temperatures in different scenarios to aid in self-learning.

Should an abnormal temperature be detected by the FOTRIC 226B, the WLIR emits a buzzer while simultaneously providing quick on-site identification by displaying the face recognition frame of the body in question. If the alarm is triggered the image of the person will be automatically captured and saved for later statistics and analysis.

  • Key Features
  • Efficient & rapid body scanner
  • Temperature range of 20˚C to 60 ˚C (68˚F - 140˚F)
  • Little impact on an area's population traffic efficiency
  • Audible voice alarm / visual red box indicator
  • Self compensates for changes to ambient temperatures and distances
  • Scan two individuals simultaneously
  • Non-contact measurement - ensuring the safety of detection personnel
  • Precise due to increased pixel count of 384 x 288
  • Built-in AI intelligence
  • Polysilicon-FPA detector
  • A single photo produces up to 110k temperature measuring points, including in hair
  • Cost-effective, safe and easy to maintain
  • Quick to deploy including installation, commissioning, and powering up.
  • Supports continuous 24-hour monitoring with temperature stability of ±0.5˚C
  • Indoor or outdoor - best performance indoor, detect distance 0.8m to 3.2m
  • WLIR software included with intelligent AI
  • Automatically locks face temperature, disregards miscellaneous external temps
  • Automatically count the number of screened personnel / abnormal cases recorded
  • Captures the image of suspect temperature and displays it on screen