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If you own a business, charity, office or are a public building such as a library, leisure centre or hospital, you should be testing any electrical appliance from medical equipment to the office kettle, this must be done by a competent person at suitable routine intervals, Keep reading to find out about PAT testing courses. Here at TTS Training Services we specialise in providing expert PAT Testing Training Courses. We offer our very own 1 day TTS certificated course. We offer one day training courses which can be taken at our sites or your own site. On our courses we will cover electrical hazards, classification of appliances, dangers of electricity, safety requirements, regulations, IET Code of practice, recording results and correct use of a PAT testing equipment. Our 1 day course is perfectly suited for beginners, with no prior knowledge of PAT testing or electrical knowledge. Once you have completed our course you will be able to PAT test and ensure electrical appliances are safe and comply with the standards laid down by the IET COP 4th edition. Taking one of our courses can provide your business with a wide number of benefits including saving money, Being able to conduct your own PAT testing on appliances in your own office or even to start your own PAT testing business, taking a our course can be extremely beneficial to your career opportunities and company finances. All of our trainers are specialists in the PAT industry and are dedicated to providing excellent, dedicated, first class services. We keep candidate numbers low ensuring that you get undivided attention and excellent learning outcomes.

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